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Like every other stereotypical girl my age, I’m obsessed with Target. It’s cheap like Walmart but with 10-times more class.  It’s a southern girl’s dream! It is also the housewife’s dream as well considering their target public has the median age of 40 and approximately 43% have children at home. All of this is attributed to their Design and Innovation which states that “from pioneering the concept of designer partnerships to consistently being best in class in store design, Target remains focused on not only meeting, but exceeding, its quests’ needs.” (Pressroom)

Content Analysis

According to the nice lady at checkout, Target has about 3 apps that are “perfect for you honey.”  According to the app store, however, Target has about 8 apps live in North America. Martha (the cashier in question) was an adorable 30-something with a contagious sense of happiness. It is true she didn’t really know what she was talking about and had no idea I would repeat her misfortunes but she was proud of the information at hand.  I found that to be more important that  the actual information itself. Target’s employees knew the basics. They knew they had one main store app and a handful of very specific apps. She didn’t just list a series of useless information that I would forget as soon as I walked away. Instead she told me what I need to know in such a personal way that there was no way I would forget.

When I finally arrived home I started to really look in-depth into the apps Martha mentioned along with the other 5 she hadn’t.  Overall I felt like each app I looked at was  an extension of the others. They weren’t perfection, however. Large graphics with lots of content tended to degrade on my mobile device.


Hopefully you can see how the top graphic, what seems to a page from a magazine, is slightly fuzzy. The picture never cleared up on my cell phone, no matter how long I let it load. This happened a few times when I was looking at their website on my phone as well.


Another problem I found with the apps was the sparseness.  I get that Target is trying to keep their clean, sophisticated image but it was at the cost of  valuable content.

In the case of the store’s main app everything put on display, expected to sell itself. There were no calls to action that I could find beside the idea that you had to go to the physical store to get better deal. There was nothing used to provoke a response out of me, the consumer. They did offer coupons but that was on a completely different app that you had to go find for yourself.

Their social media accounts were the same way. There were no visible calls for action and they never even mentioned the app.


I would recommend that:

  • Target encourages employees to talk freely about ALL the apps.
  • Create a rewards program for using and purchasing from the app.
  • Their social media accounts should have calls to action that make people want to download their apps.

Content Plan

1. “Spring is in the air!” Showcase some scented candles and direct costumers to the app to purchase the selected items and keep up to date with any upcoming releases.  IMG_0909IMG_0905 IMG_0901 IMG_0911

2. Highlight the coupon app “Cartwheel”

IMG_0907 IMG_0908 IMG_0903

3. “Family Fun Night”. Target audience: Moms with young children.

IMG_0910 IMG_0902 IMG_0904

Content Calender 

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