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From doing our Social Media Audit on Barnes & Noble, we found that they do a great job with their top three social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), website and blogs. Their journey is getting an “A+” from us; however, with a little more updating and research, they will be at the top of their class.

Barnes & Noble is a longstanding marketing titan in the book-selling world. You need a book about hair bows? Their website is just the place for you. You want more information and articles about newly released books? Go check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You need to watch an informative video? You might need to go somewhere else.

That is where Barnes & Noble is lacking. Their smaller, less followed accounts, such as YouTube, Vine and Google +, all need to be developed and cross channel promoted.

However, the content that they do post is gold. They successfully keep readers updated with book releases, author interviews and appearances, and fun “fluff” articles. They crowd source on Facebook and curate from author’s Twitter pages. Barnes & Noble publishes at least once a day and almost always include a CTA to assist the reader back to their main website.

Our only recommendation for them in this aspect would be to interact with their audience and post more on their less popular accounts! Between the two of us, we both “tweeted” them and never heard back. The same thing happens on their Facebook channel. Yes they crowd source on their page but they almost never reply to any of the comments left by their consumers.

So overall, we found that Barnes & Noble knows what they are doing. This Fortune 500 Company has been the top selling bookstore in the nation and hopefully will continue this legacy. They aren’t perfect though and that is why they need to listen to more social media experts.

Talk to you later~ Jordyn and Brianna