Quick announcement: Kate Spade is hosting a 75% off sale right now!

Why is that important? Well, for starters, their purses are adorable and even cuter when they are cheaper. Secondly, it gives us a chance to look at something “new” on their website. At this point you are probably scratching your head and wondering how a sale would be considered new. Stay with me, I’ll explain.

Kate Spade is a luxury item. It is very rare that luxury items go on such a substantial discount. I mean Louboutin doesn’t even allow their shoes to be put on sale, rather it is rumored they burn them. Ouch right?

So, this means this discount section is new! Which is interesting because this section looks the exact same as all of their other section. That is what I want to talk about today. I want to discuss Kate Spade’s template.

A template is defined as “anything that determines or serves as a pattern; a model.” Kate Spade’s flowing cursive handwriting and strategic pops of color are part of their template. Do you think every time their editor wants to run a new print ad they start totally from scratch? Nope.

Instead, they pre-create their fonts, logo and layout. That way they can use them over and over. It also cuts down on time. It is kind of like starting a race halfway through instead of at the beginning.

This new discount section the literal example of this race. Here they are introducing something amazing without having to stress out over the specifics. They are able to focus on the merchandise and customers, like myself, instead of spending all their time trying to re-create their effortlessly classy web template.

I told you I would explain didn’t I? This new sale exhibits their existing template. Just because the sale is revolutionary doesn’t mean Kate Spade would go against their branding. They have an image that represents who they are as a company and worked very hard to perfect it.

Their template ensures that they keep that brand uniform. It also makes it easier and faster to post new pages and ads. Almost all major brands have and use templates. Why wouldn’t they? They are almost as fabulous as the products they showcase.

Notes: The 75% off sale ends October 28th. Go to their website and check it out! http://surprise.katespade.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-KateSale-Site/en_US/Search-Show?cgid=ks-view-all&010=All