There is an old saying that I think about from time to time. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, it goes, “Seeing is believing.”

My grandparents always scoffed at the idea and my little cousins rightfully used Santa Claus as an argument against it. To them the idea that you have to physically witness something to give it absolute value was madness. I’ll admit the whole concept is quite disenchanting.

Here is what I discovered in my musings. Sometimes that old saying is perfectly justified, especially in the professional world. Anytime we write a paper or create a presentation, we have verify our information. We have to make the audience see it to believe it.

That is why visualization is imperative. Let’s forget about the fact that humans process visual representations faster than words on a blank piece of paper, and lets forget that most of the information our brains process is based off of what our eyes see. The truth is, if you want your audience to believe something then you must prove it to them and the only way to do that is to show it to them.

Let’s use the number of followers that I have as an example. I can very easily say that I have 258 followers on Pinterest, 179 on Twitter, 333 on Instagram and 850 friends on Facebook. What does that mean though? From just reading those numbers can you really make sense of it?

Let’s see it visually now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.25.10 PM

Put things into perspective? I mean, look how many friends I have on Facebook! I swear I’ve at least met them all at least once.

Looking at numbers on a blank piece of paper can be impressive but showing it in a graph, chart, infographic or illustration can really bring it all to life. In cases such as these, seeing IS believing.